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Is Email Marketing Dead In 2021?

Is Email Marketing Dead In 2021? Where ever you look on the internet you will find some training courses that tell you precisely how to drive targeted traffic and get new subscribers to your mailing list. But once you do have subscribers, what then? How best to communicate with them? Most entrepreneurs concentrate so much on how to build their list, that they’re clueless on what to do next.

They’ll send out a couple of pitch-style e-mails, “BUY ME! BUY ME!”
In 90% of cases, said e-mails end up as spam. If they do not, the prospect either doesn’t open the e-mails and if they do, they never buy the product and get frustrated by the unfriendly nature of the email. That is the reason why you hear so many professionals claiming, “Email advertising does not work anymore.”

Another classic error is inundating your leads with impressive free content, sending out all types of free and informative articles. But when you send an email with an offer or product to buy, nothing happens! Why do you think that is? So email marketing is dead?
Or are they doing something wrong?

Consider this, thousands of marketers are making a full-time income just sending emails. So, what are they doing right? And how can we learn from them?

The Inner Working of Successful Email Campaign

e-mail marketing

If you study good and bad e-mail advertising practices, you’ll find that :

1/ Just like blog posts, an e-mail is essentially content. So if you want your prospect to open, read and most importantly buy from you. Your emails need to deliver on a few things

Story Telling: People need to be entertained, they will not spend 2 seconds on a pitch-style email. It doesn’t have to be a novel! But you do have to come up with a story that will capture your subscribers’ interest. We all love a good story.

Educate: If you can help your subscribers to reach their goals, to educate them on their chosen field of interest, only then you’ll see your email opening rate go up.

Motivate: Come up with ways to motivate and inspire your followers. Let them know that, yes, they can achieve their goals and that it is within their reach.

If every email you send contains at least one of these 3 elements your visitors will start to open, click, buy and even look forward to receiving your emails.

e-mail marketing

2/ Always have a link to click on your emails. It can be a blog post, your own products, and services or an affiliate link. Never send an email without a link on it!! That way your followers will get used to clicking on your links. 9 times out of 10 that link must be a BUY link.

You are building your email list to grow your business, yes?

If you do include a link to some free content, there should also be a buy link. It might be inside the free content or on the same page, but it’s there. Be 100% confident the products you are pushing will genuinely help your subscribers.

3/ Don’t Be Shy About Sending Emails Each And Every Day

Don’t worry you are still allowed to take some days off. Having said that you still very much need to be emailing your followers each and every day. Worried people will unsubscribe? Don’t, it’s Counteractive! Worrying is like praying for something you don’t want to happen!

Here is a cold hard fact about list building. People will unsubscribe. Some people will never be happy, regardless of what you do. It is how it is, you can’t please everyone and not everyone is going to like or need your services. Get used to it!

Once you let go of that fear, you’ll be able to work and confidently send your daily emails. It’s worth noting that the more emails you send, the more sales you’ll make. It’s a simple concept but you’ll be amazed at how many people don’t get it.

Learn to take unsubscribes as a sign that you doing something right (And at the very least that people are opening your emails). Take note of this: 35% of your subscribers will be your biggest fan. 35% of people won’t care about you at all. And the last 35% will hate your guts.

It’s life. Get used to it. Business as usual. Be fearless and concentrate on delivering value to the 35% that do loves you.

4/ Subscribers opened your email but didn’t click?

Send out your daily e-mail in the morning. Later on, go into your autoresponder and send the same email with a different subject line “Did you want to know more about…” to everyone that opened your email but did not click on your link. By doing that you’ll get more opens and you guessed it…more sales. About 20-25% of your sales will come from that email. 

Be relentless in implementing these strategies and you should soon start seeing amazing results.

Next time someone tells you “email marketing doesn’t work!”, send them to this blog post.

Fred Gibert


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